March 1, 2011

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Labiba Ali



September 20, 2009


[image: Ideal Products]


August 20, 2009

Announcement – Bangladeshi Photographers exhibited on The Black Snapper.

Diederik Meijer of The Black Snapper told me about this wonderful online photography exhibition of the works of young Bangladeshi photographers at their photography website.  This entire week is dedicated to Bangladeshi photographers and their photography.

To visit the online exhibit, please enter here
Photography has come a long way in Bangladesh and there are many home-grown talents who are exploring the world through their own viewfinders. Whereas before photography was deemed as more of a hobby, these days many young photographers are taking it on as a full-time career. Now we have Bangladeshi photographers winning international awards and working on international assignments. Indeed, the future is wide open for the photographers of Bangladesh!
Come and experience Bangladesh through the photographers’ perspectives at The Black Snapper!

About The Black Snapper:    The Black Snapper presents young photography talent from all over the world. The magazine has gone live on August 1st 2009 and is working with guest curators such as Abbas of Magnum Photos, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Japan, International Photo Festival Bangladesh, Centro de la Imagen in Peru and The New York Times Magazine. In the Netherlands, guest curators include, Vrij Nederland magazine and Canvas International Art. 

Each day The Black Snapper presents a different photographer selected by one of the many guest curators, who switch places on a weekly basis. Visitors of the online magazine can expect to see a new series of some eight to twenty photos each day. The Black Snapper aims to create an online community that will inspire professionals and photography lovers worldwide and expose new talent. In addition, the online magazine emphatically supports the emancipation and promotion of photographers from Asia, Africa and South America. 

The Black Snapper is the brainchild of designer Frank Kloos and documentary photographer Diederik Meijer, both based in Amsterdam. The online magazine was born from their passion for photography. The Black Snapper uses the Internet to discover and present photographic talent from all over the world in a faster and more uncomplicated way.



June 10, 2009

Exhibition: Handloom Heritage @ National Museum

[image: DAILY STAR; photo by Mumit M]

ANJAN, a fashion boutique in Dhaka, has organized a nine-day exhibition celebrating our handloom heritage called ‘Sound of Weaving’. Most of the handloom products on display are from the district Narsingdi, where the local handloom industry is barely surviving as power-looms are taking over. This is a great initiative by ANJAN to highlight this serious issue of lost heritage and to promote an age-old technique of weaving. The exhibition goes through the history of handloom in Bangladesh from prior to 1600s to present. ANJAN has also brought in weavers to demonstrate on the handlooms for the museum visitors. The exhibition was conceived by Chandra Shekhar Saha with creative support from Habibur Rahman. It continues till June 16 at the Nalinikanto Bhattashali Gallery of the Bangladesh National Museum.

If you are in Dhaka and happen to be passing by the Shahbagh area, do drop in to see this exhibition, which is a very important endeavor to hold onto our heritage. We need more of these exhibitions and more people to get involved in keeping these rich traditions alive. Thank you ANJAN for giving us a glimpse into our handloom heritage!

If you’d like to learn out more about the Bangladeshi handloom industry, visit the Bangladesh Handloom Board.


June 8, 2009

Have you heard Rabindranath lately?

I bumped into this clip during my many wanderings in youtube. Do you think this is the man himself or, is it a 21st century imposter? [can anyone verify its authenticity?] If it is truly him, I am getting to know him all over again; the man with the sweet voice. I always imagined a rather stern voice to go along with that serious long bearded face. How did you imagine him to sound like? Well, why don’t we sit back and listen to this….

For non-Bangladeshis: to learn more about this great Bengali personality,visit here.


June 3, 2009

Art on Pitha


Traditional pitha season is officially over [winter months], but fortunately, we can still find a small variety in Jackson Heights, Qns, NY. Have you ever wondered about the designs on the pitha itself? Take a look at the one above, shaped like a symmetrical flower. I am thinking of that very first person who came up with the idea of drawing designs on a clump of rice dough!
We are lucky that we are still a somewhat handmade nation and mass production has not completely taken us over. These pithas with intricate design details, all made by hand, are a testament to the presence of design in everyday Bangladeshi life.

Now put on some relaxing music, sit back on your comfy couch, and savor these mouth watering pithas [be sure to warm them up a little to give that extra zing].

*Pitha – Bangladeshi rice cake, usually made during the winter season. To learn more on pitha, visit here.
*Pithas in this post were purchased from TOK-JHAL-MISHTI, a snack café,  and MANNAN Grocery. Both are in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.


[image: photo & styling by Labiba Ali]