July 5, 2009

Here comes TOKAII……

[image: all photographs are from the book TOKAII by RANABI]

TOKAII, our favorite Bangladeshi cartoon personality, turned 25 in 2003-4. To celebrate his silver jubilee, a book was published with some memorable drawings of TOKAII by its creator, the great artist/cartoonist RANABI aka RAFIQUN NABI.

Tokaii was born on the pages of Bichitra on May 17, 1978. He is a street urchin forever clad in a lungi and talking in the Dhakaite dialect. His acute observations of society and witty comments are what made him an overnight celebrity.

Here are some drawings from the book and I hope to celebrate the golden jubilee of TOKAII in 2028-9!

[image: all photographs are from the book TOKAII by RANABI]



June 19, 2009

Exhibition: Artist ATIA ISLAM ANNE @ Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts

[image: paintings by ATIA ISLAM ANNE]

The colors in these paintings are mesmerizing. To see a larger view of the paintings, visit the links below – you will be mesmerized too!

ATIA ISLAM ANNE highlights social issues through her paintings – corruption, women’s rights, etc. I liked the series on ‘Women and Society’, through which the artist depicts the status of women in Bangladeshi society. Although we still have a long way to go, we should still celebrate the accomplishments that Bangladeshi women have achieved so far. I am proud of all those Bangladeshi female garments workers who have revolutionized the workplace and those small village female entrepreneurs who have started their own poultry farms and can finally send their children to school. These are Bangladeshi women who have met adversary head on, who have not given up, and who continues to carry on the fight for a better life for themselves and their families. This is a tribute to them.

I also liked the paintings titled ‘Veiled’ which I feel is not only relevant for Muslim women but for all women as we try to come out of our shells, voice our opinions, and stand up for our rights.

To learn more about ATIA ISLAM ANNE and the exhibition, visit here and here.