June 8, 2009

Cheer up, BD Tigers!

Although we are out of the World Twenty20, I still want to dedicate this post to the Bangladesh cricket team for all their hard work. After all, it’s not easy having to wear all that batting gear with extra padding and running in the heat between two sets of wooden sticks. No worries, we will outperform all when we host the 2011 cricket world cup [it doesn’t hurt to dream!].

Now, the good news is that Bangladesh is performing brilliantly on the creative field [score: infinite runs/not out]. Take a look at this musical ad, which debuted during the 2007 cricket world cup. Directed by Ad Wonder Boy, AMITABH REZA, it created quite a buzz when it hit the airwaves. Much was written about the last few scenes that celebrate a pluralistic society. It has been analyzed, sliced and dissected gazillion times already, but I still wanted to share this with you because I love the background score, with its roots in folk music, and to introduce you to the creative minds behind this phenomenal ad. So, here’s the roll call. Lights, camera, action!


                           director     AMITABH REZA *         

                            camera     L. APU ROZARIO

            creative agency    COGITO **                      

         production house     HALF SHOT DOWN ***  

                              music      FUAD IBNE RUBBI

                       lead vocal     MILON MAHMUD

              back-up vocals     MILA, ISHTIAQUE, SHAMRAT


*To read a q&a on AMITABH REZA, visit here.

**You absolutely must visit COGITO’s funky website, here, and their webpage on the cogito gang, here. I am bowled over by their great sense of humor!

***AMITABH REZA’s film production company. Unfortunately, their website is being revamped.


May 16, 2009

Ads in Bangladesh have come a long way – visually, technically, conceptually, you name it. Though for many of us who watched BTV (Bangladesh TV) in the golden days of the 80s, some of those 80s ads were pure classic!

Here is a more recent ad directed by the very creative GAZI SHUBHRO of RED dot, a Dhaka-based film production house. The cinematography and the aerial shots are amazing, not to mention, the great use of colors! The opening shot is in Panamnagar [a village which thrived in the 19th-20th century and is part of Sonargaon, our old capital before Mughal period]. And I love the romantic bungalow on stilts [0:49], somewhere in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Kudos to the director for bringing together various aspects of our heritage. If you want to find out more about the making of this ad, read this article.

I am also enjoying this music video by the same director and reminiscing on monsoon days. Another beautiful house with 19th century architecture. Notice the craftsmanship on the wrought iron balustrades.