February 21, 2010

Announcement – Rohingya Photo Story by Sheikh Rajibul Islam Rajib.

Photo is copyright of Sheikh Rajibul Islam Rajib

The Rohingya issue still continues leaving these people stateless and homeless. Although they are not Bangladeshi citizens, as fellow human beings don’t we have a responsibility towards them? Doesn’t the child above deserve to go to school?

Photographer SHEIKH RAJIBUL ISLAM RAJIB has a photo story of the Rohingyas at the SocialDocumentary website. To see his extremely well-photographed photostory, please visit here.

Rajib’s Photographer Statement which accompanies the photo story:

‘When I first visited the camp in Kutupalong, I saw that the area where they are living, making a small slum, is so dirty that no human being can live in that place. In a 8′ X 6′ house  more than five people are sleeping and there is no sanitary toilet there. Hundreds of people are waiting to go to their work. But they can’t because the Police and BDR (Border military) are arresting the unregistered people. And they are pushing them back to the Myanmar side. But the Myanmar military (NASAKA) shoot if they find any people crossing the border. These people have nowhere to go. They have no food, no land and no identity.’  – Sheikh Rajibul Islam Rajib



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  1. a student from aiub.. Says:

    We have seen so many articles against these poor stateless Rohingya in Bangladeshi newspaper.. but it is very sad that not a single newspaper carry the real story of Rohingya… whenever a bangali terrorist is arrested by police or RAB, bangladeshi media turn the story down and blame these unwanted Rohingyas…

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