June 24, 2009

Announcement: GMB AKASH wins prestigious 7th Vevey International Photography Grant

[image: photograph is copyright of GMB AKASH]

I have some fantastic news for you today. GMB AKASH, who recently shared with us his moving photographs of Cyclone Aila, has received the prestigious 7th Vevey International Photography Grant for his project on ‘Child Labor’. The prize includes a $15,000 grant, a solo exhibition in Switzerland, and a book publication by art book publishers, Hatje Cantz. The grant will allow Akash Bhai to continue working on this project and prepare for the solo exhibition in September 2010. If you are planning to be in gorgeous Switzerland around that time, do drop in. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the book and am already thinking of how to pre-order it.

It is a wonderful feeling to see Bangladeshi photographers making a mark on the international stage and helping to raise awareness for Bangladesh. We hope there will be many more moments like this when Bangladeshi talents will be recognized, both at home and abroad, because we truly are a nation with much potential!

Of course, I am also saddened by the photographs in the series, ‘Child Labor’, and it makes me think about the injustices and inequalities of this world. And, the number of children who go to bed hungry and who are forced to work in hazardous professions, putting their lives at risk, just to eat one square meal a day. I would like to hope that someday all the world’s children will be able to have beautiful childhoods.

To view more photographs from GMB AKASH’s ‘Child Labor’ project, visit here. For the previous post on GMB AKASH, visit here.



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  1. Sid Says:

    It’s just so sad to view the album. I mean there’s so much brutality and inhumane working conditions, forced onto these little kids.

    It reminds me of the time I was traveling by bus from Shatkira to Dhaka in 2006. At a bus stop, a 7yr old came on board selling muri(puffed rice). I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t want to buy it from him, because I didn’t want to exploit him and encourage him to continue his job. Until my Aunt told me, that this little kid is supporting his entire family with his salary. Then I bought 2 cups of muri and just told him to keep the change. He gave me look of surprise. The rest of the bus ride, I pondered what a great childhood and life I had, while these kids work 12-16hrs a day, just to get a small meal of rice and daal(lentils) a day. They may get to eat meat only a few times a year.

    How can we as a culture, nation, let this continue the exploitation of our poor youth? Why do we turn a blind eye to this?

  2. Parabéns maravilhosa as fotos,não conhecia o seu trabalho fiquei imocionada Sucesso também sou fotografa e sempre falo FOTOGRAFAR É SO VE,estou publicando no meu blog as suas fotos

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