June 10, 2009

Exhibition: Handloom Heritage @ National Museum

[image: DAILY STAR; photo by Mumit M]

ANJAN, a fashion boutique in Dhaka, has organized a nine-day exhibition celebrating our handloom heritage called ‘Sound of Weaving’. Most of the handloom products on display are from the district Narsingdi, where the local handloom industry is barely surviving as power-looms are taking over. This is a great initiative by ANJAN to highlight this serious issue of lost heritage and to promote an age-old technique of weaving. The exhibition goes through the history of handloom in Bangladesh from prior to 1600s to present. ANJAN has also brought in weavers to demonstrate on the handlooms for the museum visitors. The exhibition was conceived by Chandra Shekhar Saha with creative support from Habibur Rahman. It continues till June 16 at the Nalinikanto Bhattashali Gallery of the Bangladesh National Museum.

If you are in Dhaka and happen to be passing by the Shahbagh area, do drop in to see this exhibition, which is a very important endeavor to hold onto our heritage. We need more of these exhibitions and more people to get involved in keeping these rich traditions alive. Thank you ANJAN for giving us a glimpse into our handloom heritage!

If you’d like to learn out more about the Bangladeshi handloom industry, visit the Bangladesh Handloom Board.



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