June 3, 2009

Art on Pitha


Traditional pitha season is officially over [winter months], but fortunately, we can still find a small variety in Jackson Heights, Qns, NY. Have you ever wondered about the designs on the pitha itself? Take a look at the one above, shaped like a symmetrical flower. I am thinking of that very first person who came up with the idea of drawing designs on a clump of rice dough!
We are lucky that we are still a somewhat handmade nation and mass production has not completely taken us over. These pithas with intricate design details, all made by hand, are a testament to the presence of design in everyday Bangladeshi life.

Now put on some relaxing music, sit back on your comfy couch, and savor these mouth watering pithas [be sure to warm them up a little to give that extra zing].

*Pitha – Bangladeshi rice cake, usually made during the winter season. To learn more on pitha, visit here.
*Pithas in this post were purchased from TOK-JHAL-MISHTI, a snack café,  and MANNAN Grocery. Both are in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.


[image: photo & styling by Labiba Ali]



2 Responses to “”

  1. Sid Ali Says:

    Ok, reading and seeing all the pitha’s made me crave em!!! Ahhhh how I miss them.

  2. Muna Shams Says:

    Labiba – Kudos to you on such an ingenious blog! Very impressive indeed. I love the clean layout and of course the manner in which you have captured the various aspects of creative richness. Look forward to much more in the coming days!

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